Help! My computer is insane!  Paper sculpture by Kona Lowell

2012 marks 17 years of providing Big Island with prompt, reliable, affordable and honest computer repair and networking. With several knowledgeable and courteous techs ready to respond to your needs, we work to minimize downtime. We know how important your computer or network is to you, whether it is a simple home computer and LAN or a multi-workstation office with a client-server domain.

We also maintain a repair center for walk-in clients, and for hardware repair, virus/spyware removal and diagnostics, using state-of-the-art diagnostic software coupled with over 50 years combined experience. Desktop or laptop, visitor or resident, we are happy to help and no appointment is required.

All of our techs are experienced in operating in the office environment and can perform their work on site with a minimum of disruption to your normal office routine and will always conduct themselves with a maximum of professionalism and courtesy. If it is more convenient for you we can always pick up the equipment and correct the problem in our shop and return it to you promptly.

When you talk to a computer tech do you feel like they're speaking a foreign language? Our long-standing motto, No Nerd Talk, is more than just a cute slogan. It's an asset that enables us to communicate clearly with our clients. It's this same skill at turning complex computerese into English that makes our tutoring and consulting so successful and appreciated.

We hope you have no computer or network problems, but if one should arise, we would appreciate the opportunity to solve it for you.





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