Chee's Tek Center was created to give the people of West Hawaii a choice in computer services. We want to be there for all your needs, whether you are an individual or a company, and serve those needs honestly and at a fair price. Our reputation is important to us and not something we dare compromise. Kona is a community of closely knit people, and a company that gives dishonest or inept service does not have a long life expectancy. More than that, this is our home. Our clients are our neighbors, our friends and our ohana. We intend to grow old here known as people of integrity and aloha. That can only be done by treating all people fairly and doing the very best work we can do.

The company was started by Chee and was originally called The Help Desk, a business she brought over with her from the mainland many years ago (view Chee's resume). What began here as a one woman consulting business has grown, due to her exceptional abilities, genuine concern for her clients, and warm personality, into a many faceted company providing all manner of PC services. As business has grown, the need for more technicians has, too. We seek out the very best people we can find and are very proud of the staff we have assembled. We are confident that whoever assists you will be professional, courteous and knowledgeable.

Our techs have decades of experience between them, including programming, networking, hardware repair and software troubleshooting.

We believe you will like the professional and friendly people at Chee’s Tek Center.